The Shepherd’s Diet

I just purchased the Shepherd Diet plan on Friday.  Today, I am sitting down to study it all, read up about it, and plot my start.  I hope and pray that it will not just be another diet to sit in my bookcase, or in my Cloud library.  I have tried so  many diets that I have lost count.  Just know, that I hate diets.  I have had no success with them for two decades.  Once I reached my late forties, it seemed diets didn’t work for me anymore.  I couldn’t just put weight on, then lose it, as I had the first four and one half decades.  In fact, I am very, very afraid of diets.  I will tell you why.

I do quite well on them the first three or four weeks.  I initially lose some pounds; I might even lose ten pounds.  Then all weight loss ceases, while I continue doing everything perfectly, just as I did the first two to three weeks. It is at a standstill.  If I eat any less, I think I will starve.  I keep on, getting discouraged, so that by the time a month or more passes, I give up altogether.  I’m hungry, I’m giving up things I love to eat, and I am losing no weight.  I’m grouchy, fatigued, and feeling certain that I am not getting enough nutrition.  I then gradually go off of the diet.  The ten pounds I lost inch back on, and then about two more pounds, to boot.

Every time I repeat this process, trying another diet, I add another two pounds or so.  I would guess I have about fifteen to twenty pounds that I carry that I’ve gained right after a diet.  I swear to you that I am telling the complete, unadulterated truth.

I really need to lose some pounds, though.  I want to lose 30.  So…I am committing to trying again, and this time it is the Shepherd’s Diet.  It is based on eating things that are suggested in scripture, foods that are biblically sound.  Sounds like a reasonable idea, I guess.  I’m game.

I will post on here when I actually begin (I have to figure it out, first, and buy the right foods), and then I will post as I progress.  I will be as honest as I possibly can be, and we will see.  Wish me luck, or maybe God’s blessings!


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