Good Doggy

After eighteen years of wear and tear on our living room carpeting, and 
having a dog for 15 of those years, we are replacing the carpeting with 
hardwood flooring.  It was started this morning and should be completed by 
day's end on Friday.

I am quite excited.  If I had my way, we would have hardwood flooring 
throughout our entire home.  It is dog friendlier, and it makes life easier for 
allergy sufferers.  Husband and I, both, are the latter.

I was anxious to observe and see if my dog had been using the carpeting in
any places that we were unaware of for the purpose of elimination, so I 
watched as the carpeting was removed, and next the padding.  I was
really thrilled to see that he had not.  There was no stain, not even 
one on the padding beneath, or on the subflooring.

I know he had tinkled on it a couple of times when he was a puppy and at 
least once that I knew of since then.  We were always quick to soak it up, 
then neutralize it with white vinegar and water, and then completely soak 
that up with dry towels.  It has always worked beautifully and inexpensively.  

Of course, we would get it professionally steam cleaned on a quite regular 
basis, too.

Now we know we have an obedient dog to the tenth degree.  You go, Sprout!!!!!