God’s Identity

I hear God maligned much too often.  He is used in cursing so often that my ears ring and my soul cringes.  Too many are angry and blame Him, not even knowing who He is.  Allow me to tell you.  Let me divulge to you God’s identity.

When God does something in my life, it is not going to be a private event. Why? Because my scars are anointed. Just as we are healed because of His scars, others can be healed by ours…by my own. I am His mouthpiece of His goodness. At least, that is my goal and purpose.

When we walk with our Lord, He is remaking us, renewing us, and healing us in every way, each day. We are His kiddos! He desires that parental relationship with each of us, all of us.

Contemplate what a good parent means to you, and know He wants to be that to you. He wants a parental partnership with every person.

“Surely He has borne our griefs and carried our sorrows; yet we esteemed Him stricken, Smitten by God, and afflicted. But He was wounded for our (my) transgressions, He was bruised for our (my) iniquities, the chastisement for our (my) peace was upon Him, and by His stripes we (I) are healed.” (Some translations are past tense, reflecting original language…WERE/WAS healed).

….Prophetically spoken by prophet Isaiah long before Christ’s birth, death, and resurrection. Isaiah 53:4-5

He had a plan from the beginning and it was Jesus. Think of this! Hundreds of years before Christ even appeared on the scene, God is saying through His prophet that Jesus will suffer and die so we can be restored in all ways, for our benefit and for/to Himself, and amazingly, this prediction is already past tense! Isaiah is already prophesying beyond the actual prophesy! Post resurrection!

Here is some great news! Jesus was and is God. If we see Jesus, we are seeing the very character of God!

What is some of that character? Judge this. Jesus healed everyone, EVERYONE, and all whom He met. No one was excluded…no one. What does that tell you of His character? No one was too sinful. And…No one had to earn it. All that was required was belief that He wanted to change their life, for the absolute best, and partnership with Him in demonstrating that belief. It tells you His character is desire to have you trust and believe in Him, that He wants the best for us…just like we want from our kiddos. He wants us to have confidence in Him, not to be whining, accusing Him, and misjudging Him.

Do you realize that the fruits of the spirit (His spirit, by the way!) are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, mercy, gentleness, faithfulness, and self control. That is WHO He is. That is also who Jesus was and is! They are one and the same! Really think about that and consider how the world maligns Him!!!

God even called Himself, “I am Jehovah Rapha.” (I am the living God who heals.) He named Himself this! Why, if it is not true? And how many ways do all of the human race need healing? How many followers say they agree in principle, but deny this in reality. The human race is in a world of hurt and need! Physical, spiritual, emotional, financial, psychological…ha – political even?

Who do you believe God is? I ask, because who you believe He is and the character you attribute to Him makes all the difference in the world to the outcomes of our life…my life. And is your perception colored by other people (even priests and ministers) or by the very word of God?

Really think about it and change your direction if needed.  Get to know His true identity.

Memorial Weekend Blessings Too Many to Count

01d8051a30d8d5dfc7bb2998eb641553ec895fcd28Memorial weekend is now past, and today I look back on our many activities and thoughts that I had.

Our weekend didn’t really begin until Saturday afternoon, when John got off of work.  Saturday is a busy retail day of sales for his shop, especially on holiday weekends, so he needed to be there.  Saturday was also my 66th birthday.

My Birthday and Shipshewana

For my birthday, John took me out for a filet mignon dinner on Saturday night, and then we went to see Junglebook.  It’s a Disney movie, but one that is well done and entertaining, even for 60 somethings.  We also went for a frozen custart at Culvers.  It was so delicious!  We both love ice cream.

John had taken off of work the preceding Tuesday so that he could take me overnight to Shipshewana, Indiana for their giant flea market.  That was my main birthday gift, including spending money, and BOY, was it a great time!  We took along friends, Denny and Carol, which made it all the more enjoyable.

Shipshewana and the surrounding area is Amish, so there is much to see and visit in the area.  I really recommend a stop there this summer if you are near it.  The flea market is on Tuesdays and Wednesdays through the summer.  Clean, modern, and pleasant  hotels are in the area, as well as B&B’s, bakeries, shops, cottage industries, and home-cooking.

Straw Bale Gardening

Sunday, John and I attended our church, then went out for brunch, a Sunday habit of ours after church that we enjoy.  We then came home, changed our clothes, then did a few chores in our yard, before heading to our farmhouse to check on our garden that we recently planted.

Our garden seeds were all sprouting nicely.  We have a straw bale garden out there, in it’s second rotation year.  We started it last year as an experiment, we learned a few things, and now we are trying again this year.  So far, so good!  We have a smaller straw bale garden at home, as well.

At the farmhouse, we have planted peas, beans, various squashes, pumpkins, water melon, green onions, okra, spinach, broccoli, beets, and Brussel sprouts in the straw bales.  We have lettuces, strawberries, herbs, peppers and tomatoes at home in the straw bales.


(Straw bale gardens at  home…yes, there is straw under that topsoil.)

While at the farmhouse on Sunday, John and I completed a craft project of mine on the side of the old garage that faces the back  yard.

We took melamine and plastic dishes and charger plates, stacked them together to look like flowers, and screwed them into the side of the garage.  Then, we cut pieces of flat green garden hose to attach as stems and leaves.  We were happy with the results.

We watered everything, including the raspberries, and headed home again.  We were bushed after our very active day!


On Monday, we headed to our friends’ home near Columbus for a holiday cookout and to visit our good friends, Denny and Karen.

It was a fun time, but we also reflected on the price so many have paid for our freedoms.  Denny is a Vietnam vet, so we were in good company on a special day to remember vets.  Karen, his wife, made us a special cake for the day.  (Pictured above.)  Delicious!

When we got home on  Sunday evening, we watered our straw bales, as well as the blueberries and cucumbers.

A Weekend Well-Ended

The weekend is over, but my favorite memory was the Happy Birthday phone call from my daughter, Candi, and her family.  I spoke with the grandchildren, and I love talking to them.

Is my life all roses?  No.  I had a heartache this past weekend, too, and it was an adult son who neglected my birthday altogether.  I also had aches and pains to deal with, because I am having some bouts of fibromyalgia.  These things are all a part of life and the ups and downs of it.  I still consider myself very blessed and I choose to focus on those blessings.  There are too many to count.

My thought about the greatest blessing of all, which is freedom, is this: freedom does not mean liberty to do everything I want to do; it is about liberty to do what I ought to do.  I have this good life because there were those who gave up everything to make it so, and I have the responsibility to live life as honestly, creatively, kindly, and generously as possible.

Until next time,  Debby