About Me

My name is Debby Bowman-Brodman.  You would probably like to know a little about me, what has transpired through the years of my  life, and so here goes.  I promise to really, really condense it all and stick to the truly pertinent stuff.

I reside in a lovely little city in Ohio with my husband, John.  We have been married for more than a decade and a half. We are a second marriage for both of us.

We have four adult children with whom we are close; two are his, two are mine.  We have four grandchildren: ages 10 to 18, three girls and one boy, and one great granddaughter.

I was the wife of a dentist for 26 years, before John came into my  life, being a homemaker most of that time, and I was single for 5 years.  During those five years, I finished a college degree and became a financial advisor, licensed in stocks, variable products, and insurance.  During that time, I also met my  husband, John.  I am now retired.

In college, I had a major in art and business.  I did graduate work in financial planning and Biblical studies.

I love design of any kind, as well as art and crafting.  I enjoy cooking, entertaining, and providing hospitality.  I spend  hours reading, and I  love studying the Word of God.  I do some scrapbooking, and have dabbled in a number of crafts and art media.

I also enjoy writing, and hence, I decided to start a blog, as well as write my first book, which you may follow along and read on this blog.  I would love your comments.

John and I are active in our church, where we lead a life group.

My husband is a business owner for some 35 plus years.  He loves what he does and may work well past typical retirement age, just because he can and he wishes to do so.  That leaves me with time on my hands.

I want to make the best of the years ahead by encouraging others, inspiring others, and giving hope where hope is needed.