Hello!  This is a community for “golden girls” and by that I mean women who are in that special time of their lives when they are seeking new goals, focus, and inspiration, because life has brought many changes.  Those changes could be an empty nest, retirement, widowhood, singleness, or even failing health.

Golden girls are positioned to embrace Act Three of the life cycle.  They are full of life experiences and wisdom, and that should be shared and cared for.  We all benefit from each other.


My name is Debby Bowman-Brodman.   I hope to share my insights, my concerns and hopes, and my experiences, all while trying to inspire you, and motivate you, to respond on my blog.  I want to cover topics like loving God,  being healthy, living life, cherishing people, designing our spaces, creating beauty and fun, managing our finances, and polishing our looks.

To learn more about me, go to “About Me”.  Hop on board and say “hello”.  Welcome!